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Colorful Water Slide


Water Slide Repair, Restoration and Repainting Services


Preventative maintenance will prolong the service life of your aquatic attractions, protecting your investment while reducing liability and future budget concerns.

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Call us today and get the service you and your pool deserve.

Water park owners and management are continually seeking new ways to maintain, improve and upgrade the curb appeal of water park attractions. Aquatic Resources, a division of Progressive Commercial Aquatics, offers proprietary application procedures along with a complete line of water slide and water park maintenance products that protect and restore color-faded water slides and aquatic attractions, bringing back the like-new appearance and wet-look shine to:

  • Water Slides

  • Towers

  • Play Units

  • Play Features

  • Bulkheads

Our custom blended line of environmentally-friendly cleaners, waxes, polishes and scale removal products extend the life of your water park’s most vital assets.

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