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Proper chemical balance is essential in the operation of any commercial aquatic facility.

Reducing costs, improving water quality & increasing safety.

Aquatic Resources is an authorized Acc-Tab & Acid-Rite specialist. We have over 20 years of experience in chemical distribution. Aquatic Resources can also assist with most ancillary chemicals that may be needed for your commercial pool operations.

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Accu-Tab Chlorination System

Accu-Tab system technology combines specially-engineered chlorinators with quality controlled three-inch calcium hypochlorite tablets to form a complete, NSF-certified system that kills bacteria, controls algae and destroys organic contaminants.


Acid-Rite System

Powered by innovative tablet-erosion technology, the Acid-Rite pH Adjustment System is an effective alternative to bulky liquid acid systems and cumbersome granular sodium bisulfate bags. The Acid-Rite system provides reliable pH balancing combined with easy installation and maintenance.

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